News, Awards and Grants
Congratulations to Steven who received the NDSEG fellowship award! (2019-09)
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Junxiao and Haoliang's paper on Optical Edge Detection Based On High-Efficiency Dielectric Metasurface was published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. (2019-04)
Qingqing and Qian's paper on Array atomic force microscopy for real-time multiparametric analysis was published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. (2019-03)
Haoliang's paper on Large optical nonlinearity enabled by coupled metallic quantum wells was published in Light: Science & Applications. (2019-01)
Haoliang's paper on efficient light generation from enhanced inelastic electron tunnelling was published in Nature Photonics. (2018-07)
The "Plasmonics and Super-Resolution Imaging" book edited by Prof. Liu was recently published. (2017-06)
Congratulations to Sonika who received the SPIE Optics and Photonics Education Scholarship! (2017-05)
Conor's paper on broadband absorption from hyperbolic metamaterial nanoparticles was published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (2017-01)
Haoliang's paper on giant Kerr response of ultrathin gold films was published in Nature Communications (2016-10)
Prof. Liu has been elected as OSA fellow. (2015-11)
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Congratulations to Dylan Lu for his ECE PhD thesis award. (2015-08)
Lorenzo's review is the most downloaded article from Progress in Quantum Electronics (2015-04)
Lorenzo's review on Hyperbolic Metamaterials was published in Progress in Quantum Electronics. (2014-11)
Bryan and Dylan's work on solar thermal energy was published in three issues of Nano Energy (Multi-scale spectrally selected coatings, Si boride-coated Si nanoparticles, Tandem structured coating) and in Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells (Black oxide nanoparticles). (Jun. 2014 - Jan. 2015)
Feifei's paper on LSP assisted contrast microscopy was published in Applied Physics Letters. (2014-10)
Prof. Liu has been invited to the NAE Frontiers of Engineering Symposium. (2014-09)
Feifei's paper on plasmonic structured illumination microscopy was published in Nano Letters. (2014-07)
Weiwei's paper on superscattering with single nanodisks was published in Nanoscale. (2014-07)
Congratulations to Prof. Zhaowei Liu, who was promoted to Associate Professor with tenure. (2014-07)
Joe's first paper on LPSIM was published in Nanoscale. (2014-04)
Lorenzo's first paper on emission enhancement inside hyperbolic metamaterials was published in Optics Express. (2014-02)
Dylan's work on spontaneous emission enhancement with hyperbolic metamaterials was published in Nature Nanotechnology. (2014-01)
Prof. Liu received the DARPA Young Faculty Award 2013. (2013-08)
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Prof. Liu received the ONR Young Investigator Award. (2013-04)
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Weiwei's work on dispersion in compound plasmonic lenses was published in Optics Communications. (2013-02)
Our review paper on super resolution hyperlenses and metalenses was published in Nature Communications. (2012-11)
Organic LED based plasmonic dark-field microscopy was experimentally demonstrated Opt. Lett.. (2012-10)
Breaking the imaging symmetry -- our optical Janus lens work was published in Opt. Express. (2012-01)
Metamaterials for enhanced SP excitation by using TE incidenct wave was published in ACS NANO. (2011-06)
Dylan's first paper on tunable SPPs was published in Applied Physics Letters. (2011-06)
Changbao's theoretical paper on metalens design was published in J. Nanophotonics. (2011-04)
The 2-D imaging spherical hyperlens work was published in Nature Comunications. (2010-12) It was also highlighted by Nature Photonics. (2011-03)
Our recent work on plasmonic structured illumination microscopy was published in Nano Letters. (2010-08)
Prof. Liu received the UCSD Hellman Faculty Fellow Award 2010-2011. (2010-05)
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Our recent work on a super resolution metalens has been published in Appliedd Physic Letters. (2010-05)
Our recent work on plasmonic dark field microscopy was published in Applied Physic Letters. (2010-03)
Our recent work on metamaterial immersion lenses with phase compensation has been published in Optics Express. (2010-03)
Prof. Zhaowei Liu has received 2010 SME Outstanding Young Manufacturing Engineer Award. (2010)
"Combined Surface Plasmon and Classical Waveguiding through Metamaterial Fiber Design", was selected for the cover of Nano Letters. (2010-01)
"Dual guiding", our metamaterial waveguide work (collaborated with O. G. Schmidt group at IFW Dresden, Germany) was highlighted in Nature Photonics. (2009-06)
"Optical fibers made of metamaterials should be superfast", Technology Review. (2009-04)
"Catching up with the Hyperlens", Photonics Spectra. (2009-01)
The negative refraction work is among the Time Magazine's "Top 10 Scientific Discoveries". (2008)
The optical hyperlens was selected as Discover Magazine's "Top 100 Science Stories of 2007". (2007)
"Hyperlens achieves 130-nm resolution", Photonics Spectra (2007-06)
The hyperlens was highlighted in Nature (2007-05)
The far-field superlens is highlighted in Nature Photonics (2007-05)
"OPTICAL METAMATERIALS: Hyperlens becomes reality", Laser Focus World (2007-05)
"Mega magnifiers", Materials World (2007-05)
"Lenses look further afield", Nano Today (2007-04)
"Superlens bring the nanoworld into focus", Nature (2007-03)
"Far and away", Nature Photonics (2007-03)
The hyperlens work was reported by East Bay Business Times (2007-03)
"An optical superlens that is easy on the eyes", Photonics Spectra (2007-03)
"Nano-objects under the light microscope", Chemistry World (2007-03)
"Superlens and smaller computer chips", Technology Review (2007-03)
"Superlens has its reach extended", New Scientist (2007-02)
The plasmonic lens was highlighted in Optics and Photonics News (2006-11)
"Patterned metal films focus surface plasmon polaritons", Photonics Spectra (2005-10)
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